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New Business Development

Mitsui E&S Power Systems Inc.

7 Konya-cho Kanda , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035, Japan
Tel:+81-3-6806-1075 Fax:+81-3-5294-1121

Production, sales , after-sales and maintenance servicing of induction heater, diesel generator , emergency generator , PV membrane separator

Mitsui E&S Technical Research Co., Ltd.

3-1-1, Tama, Tamano, Okayama, 706-8651, Japan
Tel:+81-863-23-2620 Fax:+81-863-23-2622

Testing/examination, including materials analysis and non-destructive testing, and engineering of testing instruments


6 Bodai, Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 587-0064, Japan
Tel:+81-72-361-0881 Fax:+81-72-362-4491

Gas compressors/Air compressors/Related auxiliary equipment/SF6 recovery system/Natural gas refueling system/Welded products Manufacture and sales of the above products

Marine Propulsion Systems

Mitsui Meehanite Metal Co., Ltd.

111, Uenogawa, Okamachi, Okazaki, Aichi 444-0005, Japan
Tel:+81-564-55-6638 Fax:+81-564-55-0369

Production, processing, import and sales of cast goods

Mitsui E&S DU Co., Ltd.

(in the premises of IHI Aioi Branch) 5292 Aioi, Aioi-shi, Hyogo 678-0041, Japan
Tel:+81-791-24-2606 Fax:+81-791-24-2648

Design, manufacturing, sales, repair and maintenance of diesel/dual fuel engines and related equipment.


1-155, Hongo, Minogocho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima 722-0212, Japan
Tel:+81-848-38-2770 Fax:+81-848-38-2771

Maintenance of marine/stationary diesel engine parts such as fuel valve, fuel pump, roller guide, high-press. pipe, oil pump etc. And welding repair of exhaust valve. valve seat, valve body, cylinder cover, piston crown etc.

Logistics Systems

Sanzo Manufacturing & Construction Co., Ltd.

1, Nishinosu, Oita 870-0902, Japan
Tel:+81-97-558-3339 Fax:+81-97-558-3337

Maintenance and processing of machine equipments.

Peripheral Business, others

MES TOKKI & Engineering Co., Ltd.

3-1-1, Tama, Tamano, Okayama, 706-8651, Japan
Tel:+81-863-23-2700 Fax:+81-863-23-2643

Engineering and maintenance of ships and their related machinery; Operation, maintenance and management of training facilities for naval ships and their related machinery and transporting machinery; Design, sale installation, and control of furniture, interior decoratons, stationery and office devices; Engineering manufacture, saleand management of steel structures and associated facilities and equipment.

Mitsui E&S Systems Research Inc.

1-3-D9, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-8501, Japan
Tel:+81-43-274-6162 Fax:+81-43-274-6160

Development and design of computer software packages and development, production and sales of computer peripherals

Mitsui E&S Engineering Co., Ltd.

6-4, Tsukiji 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8439, Japan
Tel:+03-3544-3600 Fax:+03-3544-3601

Overseas power plant engineering & construction.

New Business Development

MES Ferrotec China Co., Ltd.

No.365,Yuanguang Rd., Baoshan City Industrial Park,
Shanghai,People's Republic of China
Tel:+86-21-3631-6860 Fax:+86-21-5850-3900

Production, sales , after-sales and maintenance servicing of induction heater

MES Technoservice Middle East W.L.L

P.O.Box 24945 Doha, Qatar
Tel:+974-4488-2511 Fax:+974-4480-3289

Maintenance service of reciprocating compressors and rotating machineries at the middle east.

MES Technoservice Machinery Construction Logistics Industry and Trade Corporation

1245. Sokak No:25 Ostim Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
Tel:+90-312-4361362 Fax:+90-312-4361360

Maintenance and parts supply at Turkey

Marine Propulsion Systems

Mitsuizosen Technoservice Hongkong Ltd.

Unit No.s 3117-3122, Level 31, Metro Plaza Tower 1,
223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel:+852-2610-1282 Fax:+852-2610-1220

After-sales and maintenance servicing of marine equipment, motors, cranes, etc.


2 International Business Park, The Strategy Tower No. 1 2nd FL. Unit # 02-05, Singapore 609930
Tel:+65-6777-1677 Fax:+65-6773-3677

After-sales and maintenance servicing of marine diesel engines, cranes , compressor

Mitsuizosen Technoservice Taiwan Co., Ltd.

19F-1, No. 6, Minquan 2nd Road, Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 80661, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel:+886-7-331-2801 Fax:+886-7-332-2218

After-sales and maintenance servicing of marine equipment, motors, cranes, etc.

MES Technoservice (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Room2205, Yuexiu Tower No.388 Fushan Road, Pudong, Shanghai Postcode:200122
Tel:+86-21-5821-0630 Fax:+86-21-5821-0639

After-sales and maintenance servicing of marine equipment, motors, cranes, etc.

Mitsui E&S Machinery Europe Limited

80 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ, United Kingdom
Tel:+44-(0)20-7104-2280 Fax:+44-(0)20-7104-2279

UK Tax Policy

Logistics Systems


25515 Whitesell Street Hayward, CA94545-3614 U.S.A.
Tel:+1-510-264-9288 Fax:+1-510-264-9280

Maintenance of Paceco crane trade marks, development, engineering and sales of Paceco cranes

MES Technoservice Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The Landmark 2-13, MTBBT2, Jalan Batu Nilam 16, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Malaysia
Maintenance, up-grading and lifecycle solution services for Cranes and so on.
Spare parts and materials supply of all above products.
Technical services such as Overhauling, Repair, Refurbishment and dispatch of supervisor of all above products.

Peripheral Business


3rd Floor PPC 24 Bldg, The North Park,United Nations Avenue, Alang-Alang,
Mandaue City, Cebu 6014 Philippines
Tel:+(63-32)888-2000 Fax:+(63-32)888-2023

Engineering work for Chemical plants, ships, diesel engines, cranes and rotating machineries

Mitsui E&S (China) Co., Ltd.

Room 2512, Shanghai International Trade Centre
2201,Yan An Road (West), Shanghai, 200336 China
Tel:+86-21-6208-9201 Fax:+86-21-6208-9601

China strategy formulation, supervision of Chinese subsidiary companies and affiliates, receipt of investment / dividends

TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH

Mildred-Scheel-Straße 1, 53175 Bonn, Germany
Tel:+49-228-50218-0 Fax:+49-228-50218-880

Engineering for gas carriers, fuel gas systems and FSRU etc.


Gydevang 35, DK-3450 Allerod, Denmark
Tel:+45-48-140022 Fax:+45-48-140150

Turnkey delivery of power plants based on engine or boiler technology including engine-based power barges. Service, operation and maintenance of power plants.

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