Decarbonization business

Our industrial machinery business has displayed its strengths in large rotary machinery, pressure vessels and other process equipment while responding to the diverse needs of businesses. We will now expand the applications for the machinery and equipment that support steel making and oil & gas industries to hydrogen and other domains to fulfill the needs of the era.


  • First in the world First in the world
    First zero emission Rubber-Tired-Gantry crane (Transtainer®)
  • The largest in the world The largest in the world
    Hydrogen compressor capable of boosting 1,000Nm3/h of hydrogen


Providing essential equipment for value chain
from hydrogen production to consumption


Hydrogen Supply Facility

A hydrogen gas supply facility has been constructed at the Tamano Factory with the aim of developing hydrogen-related business. This will enable us to supply high flow hydrogen. In addition, the project has been adopted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to accelerate the development of hydrogen combustion technology for large marine engines, and we will focus on a next-generation fuels based on hydrogen to contribute to a decarbonized society.



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