After-sales Service for Gas Turbine Co-generation SytemBusiness & Products

Mitsui E&S gas turbines range from 1 to 24 MW of generating output as gas turbine co-generation units and widely applied such as in food, chemical, semiconductor industries and also district heating and chilling, and have the following features:


  • High efficiency and low cost
  • Simple system configuration
  • Environmentally-friendly, a high total efficiency and less NOx & CO2 emissions
  • Application to a variety of purposes, from hospitals, office buildings, etc., to industrial use such as factories.
  • A variety of burning fuels, such as town gas, LPG, kerosene, heavy fuel and byproduct oil

Lineup of products

We provide after-sales services to the following Mitsui E&S gas turbine co-generation systems.

Type Outline Survey
MSC40 ~ MSC130 MSC (Mitsui Solar Co-generation) series simple Co-generation packages are with 7 types of Gas Turbines ranging from 4MW to 13MW made by Solar Turbines Inc. USA. MSC50
MACS60 ~ MACS130 MACS (Mitsui Advanced Co-generation System) series combined system with 5 types of power generation raging from 7MW to 17MW utilizing Solar Gas Turbines and adjustable steam and power generation ratio by steam turbine. MACS60
SB15 ~ SB120 Simple Co-generation packages with MES developed 4 types Gas Turbines (SB15-SB120) with power generation ranging from 3MW to 24 MW. SB60
GP1000 and MPP1000 are Co-generation packages with MES developed 1 MW class Gas Turbine (SB5).
SB5-COPRA is a Co-generation package with adjustable steam and power generation ratio by steam injection into the Gas Turbine.
GP1000-RECSS is a Co-generation package with regeneration cycle.


Stable parts and spare engine supply

A complete supply process including design, manufacturing, quality control, procurement system and stock control management has been established to supply necessary parts in a timely manner.

Long-term comprehensive maintenance contract

A budget plan for customers' maintenance cost and facility maintenance management is made easy by leveling out the long-term routine inspection costs as a yearly base.

Technical service for emergencies

We respond to customer's expectations with preventive maintenance by tendency management utilizing the complete online support system at Tamano office and emergency response service at abnormal · trouble occurrence. In addition, Tamano and Chiba and Kobe's technical staff at each sales office are developing swift service.

Improvement of facility function and performance

Our proposals for functional and performance improvements based on customers' needs and technology development makes the customers' facility more valuable and helps to improve their business management efficiency.

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