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Jul 1,2019

Establishment of Health Management Declaration

The Mitsui E&S Group (the company) has shifted into a holding company structure in April 2018 and took a new step. While each affiliated company is required to have a spirit of independence and reform to develop its business further, many issues remain, and all companies must work together as a group to solve the problem.

Under these circumstances, the health of our employees is the source of vitality of the company, and we would like to make the most of the corporate culture that values people, which is often referred to as "Hito-no Mitsui". In line with the management attitude of "realizing a safe and rewarding workplace", the company hereby establishes the Mitsui E&S Group Health Management Declaration to further promote the maintenance and improvement of the mental and physical health of each and every employee.

1. Contents of health management declaration


2. Important measures

1) Body health

  • Performing health checkup and lifestyle disease prevention based on the result & prevention of disease aggravation
  • Implementation of health promotion measures and health seminars in collaboration with the health insurance society
  • Business meeting, softball event, family festival etc

2) Mental health

  • Self-care: Stress check, mental health training
  • Line Care: Line Care Training, Solution-oriented Communication Training
  • Care by occupational health staff: Industrial physician interview, support for return to work place of working off

3) Health at work

  • Doctor interview for a long time remaining contractor
  • Acquisition of certain holidays by the setting of annual holidays promotion month, annual holidays recommended day, memorial holiday setting
  • Work environment improvement activity of high stress workplace based on stress check result

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