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Marine logistics

Providing one-stop solutions for natural gas transportation needs

【Provision of consistent solutions from the upstream to the downstream processes of natural gas transportation projects】

Provision of consistent solutions from the upstream to the downstream processes of natural gas transportation projects

Natural gas is attracting attention as a clean energy with a small environmental footprint. Demand for gas carriers for importing and exporting natural gas is expected to grow with future increases in natural gas consumption.
Working together with our subsidiary TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH (TGE), a German gas carrier engineering company, we are aiding the development of the small and midsize gas carrier market. We will enter the upstream processes of gas carrier construction by acquiring expertise from TGE, which has worked on a large number of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Supervision (EPCS) projects, including the development of small and midsize gas carriers, demand for which is expected to increase in the future. In addition, we will provide solutions that are not limited to shipbuilding through an integrated provision of technologies and products for handling gas fuels, including the electronically controlled gas injection diesel engine (ME-GI), which we developed jointly with MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, the licensor, and fuel gas supply systems (FGSS).


Consulting services including the selection of ship specifications for ship owners

Today, with the establishment of the small-scale and mid-scale LNG business markets, when designing a gas carrier ship it is important to consider how much gas you will be carrying and from where to where you will be transporting it, and to discern your ideal carrier specifications according to your particular application of use. At Mitsui E&S, we offer consulting services for achieving optimal carrier ship design, based on our extensive carrier development experience.


Development of small and midsize LNG carriers

For example, in the gas markets of India, China and Southeast Asia, with the construction of short-distance transportation routes for effectively supplying these regions, demand is expected to rise for small and midsize carrier ships of 80,000m3 class or below. Working in collaboration with TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH (TGE) of Germany , which specializes in the design of small and midsize carriers, Mitsui E&S has established an organizational setup that enables it to manufacture these vessels, including small-scale "Type C" carriers and small to midsize "Moss" type carriers.

Small and midsize gas carriers


Provision of gas engineering equipment

Mitsui E&S has manufactured an electronically controlled gas injection diesel engine, referred to as ME-GI. As well as being a high thermal efficiency large 2-cycle low-speed diesel engine, the ME-GI is also a dual fuel engine which enables the use of both natural gas (LNG) and heavy fuel oil.
In addition to the ME-GI engine itself, we have also established an organizational setup that enables us to offer high-pressure compressors and pumps for fuel gas supply systems (FGSS) in a set together with the engine.

Fuel gas supply systems (FGSS) for LNG carriers

High-pressure pump for FGSS

High-pressure compressor for FGSS

Electronically controlled gas
injection diesel engine (ME-GI)

Construction supervision

Group companies involved

After-sales services

After-sales services
We have established facilities for maintenance and repairs at key locations in Japan and overseas. At these facilities, we provide services for the overall lifecycle of marine diesel engines.
This equipment provides early detection of abnormalities by analyzing and monitoring big data, which include not only data from multiple main engine sensors but also navigation data, such as weather and sea conditions.


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