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We have developed new modifications technology to increase the performance of existing cranes to enable them to service larger container ships, thereby improving operating efficiency and reducing maintenance. We propose that you allow us to complete such projects from planning to test of the refurbishment work on a full turn key basis, choosing only those of the improvements below that you think you need.

Performance improvements

Increased crane lifting height

By lengthening its legs, your crane can be upgraded for use with larger container ships as follows.

  • 2nd/3rd generation => Panamax type
  • Panama type => Post panamax type

Extending outreach (Boom extension)

If your crane is of the twin trolley type, we recommend that you combine it with a single trolley and a recently developed computer controlled electrical anti-sway device.This helps minimize boom extension, while suitably extending the outreach. This means that the increased weight can be controlled to minimize the increase in gantry wheel load.

Increased trolley speed

Increased main hoisting speed

Increased rated lifting weight

Recently, many over weight containers exceeding the ISO regulation 30.5 tons are being used. Rated lifting weight can be increased without applying any additional load to the gantry wheels, if replaced by a light weight, full range spreader and a modified trolley.

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