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Environmental Philosophy & Action Guidelines

MITSUI E&S Group Global Environmental Philosophy

The MITSUI E&S Group views protecting the global environment as one of the most important issues given to it by society. Through our corporate activities, we give care and consideration to maintaining human health and conserving the global environment, and seek to contribute to the creation of an affluent society that is in harmony with the environment.

MITSUI E&S Group Global Environmental Action Guidelines

1. Complying with Environmental Regulations and Reducing Environmental Impact
The Group observes and complies with environment-related laws and agreements, etc., and creates its own voluntary standards where necessary. It also gives care and consideration to reducing the environmental impact at each stage of its business operations, from the research, development and design of its technologies and products to their production, distribution, use, and ultimate disposal as waste.
2. Promoting of Resource Conservation, Energy Saving and Recycling, and Reducing of Waste
The Group seeks to promote the conservation of resources, energy saving and recycling in all areas of its corporate activities, and endeavors to reduce waste output.
3. Contributing to Environmental Conservation through the Development of New Technologies and Products
The Group works proactively to develop technologies and products that contribute to environmental conservation, and to provide them to society.
4. Caring and Consideration for the Environment in Overseas Business Activities
The Group also gives sufficient care and consideration to environmental conservation in the countries where it is engaged in overseas business activities.
5. Promoting PR Activities and Contributing to Social Activities
In addition to engaging in proactive PR activities with regard to environmental conservation, the group also contributes to local communities and society as a whole through the provision of appropriate technologies and information.
6. Raising Awareness through Environmental Education and Participating in Social Activities
The Group seeks to increase employee awareness of environmental issues such as by providing environmental education and conducting internal PR activities. Through voluntary participation in environmental conservation activities, employees endeavor to build trusting relationships with local communities and wider society.
7. Establishing an Environmental Administrative Organization and Building an Environmental Management System
The Group endeavors to improve its environmental conservation efforts by establishing an environmental administrative organization, and by building and maintaining an environmental management system.
8. Coordinating and Collaborating with Affiliate Companies
The Group endeavors to instill its environmental philosophy and action guidelines at each of its affiliate companies, and promotes their comprehensive implementation, aiming to further increase the effectiveness of its environmental conservation activities.

Environmental management system

Our president is the highest ranking person in charge of our environmental management system. We strive to become a more environmentally friendly company through the management and operation of this system involving every part of our corporate activities.


Improving the Environmental Management System

The Company acquired ISO 14001 certification at the Tamano Works in October 2000 and at the Chiba and Oita Works in September 2001. In FY2018 (‘17/4-‘18/3), all factory works moved to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
Renewal inspections were conducted and certifications renewed at Tamano Works in August 2021 and Oita Works in July 2022.
Periodic surveillance is carried out at each factory works twice a year by an external auditing body, checking the operational conditions of the systems.

society-detail02-1.jpgRenewal audit at the Oita Works

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