Activities of the MITSUI Public Relations CommitteeSustainability

Instructors for the 15th Mitsui Golden Glove Baseball Class

At MES, we have co-sponsored a range of cultural activities as a member company of the MITSUI Public Relations Committee, which consists of 24 Mitsui Group companies. This committee carries out a variety of activities aimed at “enriching society by cherishing people and respecting diverse personal characteristics,” working in line with the characteristics of the Mitsui Group described as “Mitsui is People.” Examples include the MITSUI Golden Glove Award, an award that stresses the importance of fielding in professional baseball, and the Mitsui Golden Glove Baseball Class for boys’ baseball coaches, which is held by inviting winners of the award to be instructors. The MITSUI Public Relations Committee is also proactive in cultural and art activities. For example, it created the MITSUI Golden Takumi Award in 2015 with a desire to create an opportunity to attract attention and admiration to people involved in “Tradition x Innovation.”