Developing Human ResourcesSustainability

We defined our company philosophy as “earn the trust of people and contribute to society through engineering and services.” The growth of our business operations in our green strategy, one of the pillars of our growth strategy in accordance with Mid-Term Business Plan 2023, is oriented towards a focus on the engineering prowess that is characteristic of our environmentally friendly products. Our digital strategy, the other pillar, involves the development of services through the combination of our service network and digital technologies. Engineering and services are provided by the group’s human resources. We believe human resources are the most important management resource for the manifestation of our company philosophy and the achievement of our growth strategy.
Mid-Term Business Plan 2023 describes our future growth strategy after the revival plan, displays our aggressive attitude and lays out a roadmap for the MITSUI E&S Group’s continuing growth and the enhancement of its corporate value. To achieve continual growth and the enhancement of corporate value, we specify the following three visions representing our ideal human resources. Realizing the three visions and ensuring that our workforce is diverse are our human resources strategies. To this end, we will push forward with measures such as the reform of our personnel system, the review of our staff training system and the improvement of our development of executives.

Systematic chart of human resource development


Business Skills Training

The goals of the Business Skills Training program are enabling employees to acquire skills to solve the problems faced by their business, ensuring the early acquisition of the skills they will need in the future and enabling them to be capable of solving future problems. As of FY2021, we have been increasing training by in-house trainers and providing training that is more directly linked to company issues. It enables employee who want to learn to do so autonomously when they want to, through online and on-demand methods.


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