Developing Human ResourcesSustainability

We have set “making them full-fledged in five years” as the goal for training young employees. We provide them with group training in their first and third years at the company, training on basic skills for specific types of job, and other training programs. We also provide job-class-specific training programs, including one for mid-level employees and one for those in managerial positions. In addition, from the viewpoint of fostering global human resources, we offer English courses and training programs related to cross-cultural communications and deploy young employees to overseas business locations.

Systematic chart of human resource development

Overseas deployment system

Overview of the system

We established this system in 2015 in accordance with the following objectives and began operating it.


  • □ Developing the international sensibility of trainees by having them experience working and living overseas as the groundwork for developing human resources who will manage overseas bases (including local subsidiaries) and projects in the future.
  • □ The opportunities are provided to young employees (in their third to fifth year at the company) whose current jobs do not give them many opportunities to gain overseas experience.

Required achievement/goal

The achievement as the target of this system is to develop a comprehensive mindset and skills for fulfilling duties overseas by experiencing operations (including legal affairs, accounting, tax affairs, general affairs, and personnel affairs) and daily life in an overseas country, broadly and shallowly. It is not aimed at developing specialists in the destination countries or in the businesses of the companies to which they are deployed.

Average length of period of deployment

6 months to 1 year

2016 results

First half of 2016: 2 employees were deployed

Destinations Period
Vietnam: Project site 6 months
Singapore: Project site 1 year

Second half of 2016: 3 employees were deployed (including deployment under an internship program)

Destinations Period
Singapore: Group company 6 months
China: Group company 6 months
Myanmar: Chamber of Commerce and Industry 6 months

Initiatives Promoting Women’s Engagement in The Workplace

We are promoting women’s engagement in the workplace with the goal of fostering an environment where all employees, regardless of gender, can utilize their skills through the various stages of life events and maintain the desire to work towards long-term career goals. We offer maternity leave before and after childbirth and training support during childcare leave to ensure the engagement of female employees returning to the workplace after having children. We also encourage female employees in near-management level positions to participate in external seminars. Moving forward, we will continue our focus on female hiring, accelerated training, career path support and awareness development for mid-career females as we aim for a rate of females in management positions that is equivalent to the ratio of female hires.

Acquiring the “Kurumin Logo” based on the Act on Promoting Support for Raising and Developing the Next Generation

MES has designed a general employer action plan based on the “next-generation act” which carries out various measures in an aim towards preparing a work environment that supports work-life-balance of its employees. In addition, the company aims to contribute to the local community regarding support for next-generation children, and carries out various measures accordingly. In the years 2015 and 2016 upon receiving the authorization, we carried out various measures such as encouraging our male employees to take childcare leave, training programs for career development assistance of young female employees, encouraging employees to take their annual paid holidays, internships and plant inspection tours for students, and so on.
Our company is expected to change our organizational structure to that of a holding company as of April 1, 2018, by company split. We shall continue to undertake various measures to prepare labor conditions that would contribute to the improvements in working styles, enhancing a comfortable balance between work and private life. In an effort to do so, we shall endeavor to create a work environment where employees could fully demonstrate their respective skills and abilities accordingly with personal circumstances.