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In July 2019, we established the MITSUI E&S Group Health Management Declaration to help maintain and improve the physical and mental health of each Group employee, amid major changes in the Group’s business structure.

MITSUI E&S Group Health Management Declaration

The MITSUI E&S Group aims to be a company that contributes to the development of society and the preservation of the global environment through the power of manufacturing, based on its corporate philosophy “to continue to be a manufacturing company trusted by people and by society”.
“Safety first, health first” is the top priority and an important management issue for continuing to be a manufacturing company.The Company and health insurance society actively supports the mainte- nance and promotion of the health of employees and their families, and actively engages in health management with the aim of creating a safe, comfortable and healthy work environment.

Priority Measures

1)Physical Health

  • ・Have health checks and based on their results take measures to prevent the onset of and not progress lifestyle-related diseases
  • ・Implement the Health Attack program and health seminars in collaboration with health insurance societies
  • ・Sports days, softball tournaments, family festivals, etc. at works

2)Mental health

・Self-care: Stress check, mental health training
・Line Care: Line Care Training, Solution-oriented Communication Training
・Care by occupational health staff: interviews with occupational physicians, support for returning to work after a leave of absence

3) Workplace Health

・Thorough health management through physician interviews for those who work long hours
・Ensuring holidays are reliably taken through the annual leave promotion month, recommended days for taking annual leave, and designating memorial holidays
・Efforts to improve the workplace environment for high-stress workplaces based on stress checks

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