MTISUI E&S Group 2022 Policy on Health and Safety ManagementSustainability

Basic policy

We will achieve the followings by instilling a safety culture in each workplace and fostering human assets:

  • (1) Safety first principle, for manufacturing and engineering practices as top priority to safety
  • (2) Creating a comfortable workplace by proactively working on physical and mental health management


Safety Targets:

Deaths, serious injuries, or lost-worktime accidents 0
Accident frequency rate 0.5 or less

Health Targets:

Work-related illnesses 0
Non work-related injuries and illnesses Days off work frequency rate of 0.38% or less
(Of which, mental health disorders are 0.11% or less)

High-priority issues

(1) Safety
  1. 1) The 2S3TEI system of discipline and good habits Implement the 2S3TEI system with thorough discipline to form good habits.
  2. 2) Handing down safety and mutual development*
    We will actively communicate, build good relationships of trust between those communicating information and those receiving it, ensure mutual understanding of information communicated, and create a state in which employees can work safely. In particular, we place importance on handing down safety to young and/or inexperienced employees and mutual development together with them.
    * Mutual development refers to an aspect of teaching others where both the learner and teacher learn and develop.
  3. 3) Thorough maintenance and management of equipment
    Rather than post-maintenance where repairs are carried out each time a failure occurs, we conduct periodic inspections before a breakdown occurs, and implement thorough preventive maintenance to repair and replace faulty parts. In order to ensure that equipment operates safely, we conduct maintenance of peripheral equipment, devices, and the operating environment.
  4. 4) Preserving past examples of severe occupational accidents to hand them down and use them as lessons
    Preserving past examples of severe occupational accidents to hand them down and use them as lessons
  5. 5) Facilitate the transition to a new safety management structure after reorganization With a view toward our ceasing to
    new structure for safety management, facilitate the transition to it and strengthen partnerships while elevating the level of safety management throughout all of the companies of the MITSUI E&S Group.
(2) Health
  1. 1) Promote health management
    Think about health from a management perspective and understand health issues, strategically putting health management into practice.
  2. 2) Promote mental health care
    Create a good place to work by promoting these 4 types of care: 1. Self-care, 2. Line-care, 3. Care from occupational health staff, and 4. Care from resources outside of the workplace.
  3. 3) Thorough measures to combat infectious diseases
    We will protect the health of employees, their families and stakeholders including customers while ensuring the continuity of our business operations by taking thorough measures to prevent infectious disease infections such as COVID-19 and influenza, ensuring that the practices of the new normal created by the COVID-19 pandemic take root and become standard practice, ensuring that no one is infected and preventing group infection.

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