MTISUI E&S Group Policy on Health and Safety ManagementSustainability

Basic policy

We will achieve the followings by instilling a safety culture in each workplace and fostering human assets:

  • (1) Safety first principle, for manufacturing and engineering practices as top priority to safety
  • (2) Creating a comfortable workplace by proactively working on physical and mental health management


Safety Targets:

Deaths, serious injuries, or lost-worktime accidents 0
Accident frequency rate 0.6 or less (Goal: 5 or less accidents without lost-worktime)

Health Targets:

Work-related illnesses 0
Non work-related injuries and illnesses Days off work frequency rate of 0.38% or less
(Of which, mental health disorders are 0.11% or less)

High-priority issues

(1) Safety
  1. 1) Prevention of severe occupational accidents Based on lessons learned from past cases of severe occupational accidents (especially at our own workplaces),it is the responsibility of managers to implement and disseminate risk assessment (RA) to ensure that serious accidents do not happen again.
  2. 2) Thoroughly implement “facility maintenance and upkeep management.
    Ensure that periodic inspections are performed and that “preventive maintenance” to repair or replace equipment is thoroughly carried out. Maintain the surrounding facilities, equipment, and environment to ensure safe facility operation.
  3. 3) Creating a Safe Working Environment The health and safety manager is responsible for the workplace environment and for guiding safe work. Everyone in the workplace builds trust through good communication. Establish a safe working environment for both parties.
(2) Health
  1. 1) Promote health management
    Think about health from a management perspective and understand health issues, strategically putting health management into practice.
  2. 2) Promote mental health care
    Create a good place to work by promoting these 4 types of care: 1. Self-care, 2. Line-care, 3. Care from occupational health staff, and 4. Care from resources outside of the workplace.
  3. 3) Promotion of “work-life balance” and measures to prevent overwork
    Ensure the implementation of systems and measures to optimize working hours, and achieve a work-life balance by reducing mental and physical fatigue.

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