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Mitsui Zosen Summer Festival held at Tamano Works

In July 2016, we held the Mitsui Zosen Summer Festival (MES Summer Festival) at Tamano Works, inviting local residents as well as employees and their families. The events for the festival included a bus tour around the facility, during which the participants observed our marine diesel engines and other equipment, as well as snack food stalls operated by the employees, playground equipment prepared by them, and stage events such as singing and dancing shows. In 2016, we celebrated the 40th occasion of this summer festival, which is well established in the local community as an annual summer event. A total of 15,000 people (including MES employees) took part in 2016.

The festival attracted about 15,000 people, including families.


We hold the Summer Festival to repay our obligation to the local community. I was happiest to see the smiles of the families who live in Tamano as a company town. I was also glad that the event caused many children to yearn for the ocean and ships. In 2017, when we will celebrate our centenary, we would like to express our gratitude to Tamano City and Okayama Prefecture because we are very happy to have been with them.

General Affairs Department, Tamano Works Daisuke Yano

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